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Bush Turkey

Our servicemen work under a wildlife permit that allows us to trap and relocate bush turkeys to suitable bush land.

Scrub turkeys cause a lot of frustration by scratching and destroying gardens when making their nest or mound. Once a male turkey chooses a spot there is nothing you can do to stop him from mounding. Unfortunately they love new gardens and mulch and can do alot of damage in a short time. Turkeys can also cause problems by chasing and injuring chickens.

We take the turkey far enough away to ensure they will not come. Male Bush turkeys usually do the most damage, they have a prominent yellow area on their neck and they build the mound and wait for females to visit and lay their eggs.

It is the male Brush turkey that does the most damage to gardens from persistent scratching to make their large nest or mound. Nesting usually occurs between August and December, but some will mound at any time of year.

They are always more active when it rains because the mulch heats up and make ideal breeding conditions.

If your problem Bush turkey is mounding we can catch and relocate him as we use the mound to encourage them into the trap.

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